This is the artwork I created for the 'Power Lines' album by the Gueppardo Band

The cover art, as well as all the promotional photos, were developed with post-editing and creative retouching work, including adding scenery and visual effects to the photos.

The Hard n' Heavy band from Rio Grande do Sul, Gueppardo, presents "Power Lines," their fourth album in their discography. With cover art created by the renowned artist from Paraná, Jean Michel (Metal Church, Queensrÿche, Lynch Mob, Vixen), the material was recorded at Hurricane studio, produced by Sebastian Carsin and Perÿ Rodriguez. Thiago Gutierres (vocals, bass, and keyboards), Perÿ Rodriguez (guitar and keyboards), and Diego Pereira (drums) focus the compositions of their new work on traditional heavy metal, occasionally flirting with hard rock, and delving into themes centered around social issues, wars, current, future, and dystopian realities. "With influences from Dio, Rata Blanca, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Michael Schenker, 'Power Lines' is the new face of Gueppardo, coming in faster and denser, yet maintaining that '80s sound," describes Perÿ Rodriguez.

This album, "Power Lines" by Gueppardo, was released in CD and digital platform versions. Album Artwork and Promo Photos created by Jean Michel at DSNS Art

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