This is the artwork I created for the album "Babylon" by Lynch Mob, the legendary Hard Rock band.

The classic American hard rock band was founded by the legendary guitarist George Lynch shortly after his departure from another hard rock band, Dokken, in 1989. The band's first release happened in 1990, titled "Wicked Sensation."

The current lineup of the band includes Gabriel Cólon, a vocalist who has previously worked on Rowan Robertson's project (former guitarist of DIO), Jaron Gulino (TANTRIC, HEAVENS EDGE), and George Lynch himself on guitars.
"Babylon" is the band's 8th studio album, with the last one, "The Brotherhood," released in 2017, also featuring graphic design by me.

This album, "Babylon" by George Lycnh, was released in CD, Vinyl and digital platform versions. All versions were created by Jean Michel at DSNS Art
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