This is the artwork I created for the album "Congregation Of Annihilation" by the legendary Metal Church band.
2023 release. Congregation of Annihilation features 11 all new tracks from Metal Church and continues to build upon their iconic sound the band established over three decades ago. From the first guitar riff of album opener "Another Judgement Day" through the driving outro of album closer "Salvation," it is clear Metal Church is back and better than ever. "Pick A God and Prey", "Children of the Lie", "Congregation of Annihilation and "These Violent Thrills" showcase the sonically charged songwriting that made the early Metal Church albums" Metal Church" and "The Dark" such fan favorites. Haunting musical opuses "Me the Nothing" and "Making Monsters" each puts the musicianship that Metal Church was known for on full display in 2023. Infused with intelligent lyrical content, thundering guitar riffs, and Marc's aggressive soaring vocals, Congregation of Annihilation furthers the bands sonic evolution up to the next level and is guaranteed to enthrall metal music fans around the world.
Congregation of Annihilation is the thirteenth studio album by American heavy metal band Metal Church. It is the first album to feature new vocalist Marc Lopes.
This album, "Congregation Of Annihilation" by Metal Church, was released in CD, Vinyl, Cassette and digital platform versions. All versions were created by Jean Michel at DSNS Art
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