This is the artwork I created for the "Shades" the solo album of King's X Guitar and vocalist, Ty Tabor.

2022 release from acclaimed King's X guitarist, songwriter, and co-vocalist Ty Tabor. Shades is his 11th solo album features 10 brand new songs with three bonus and follows the successful release of 2018's Alien Beans. From the opening chords of "Come Home," it is clear that Ty Tabor's trademark guitar tone lays the bedrock for his latest solo release Shades. Ty tackles a wide array of emotions and topics with layered harmonies, hooky pop sensibilities, and the total riffage that remains a crucial ingredient to the King's X sound. Songs like "What You're Thinking," "One Drop of Water," and "Doesn't Linger" show Ty's penchant for crafting tunes with tremendous melodies, while songs like "Shallow," and "Your Fantasy," trend heavy and exemplify why Ty is one of the most influential guitarists of the last three decades.

This album was released in CD, Vinyl, Cassette, and digital platform versions. All versions created by Jean Michel at DSNS Art.
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